Swimming Pool Spa Chemical Dispenser Floating Tablet Chlorine Automatic Drug Box Dosing Device


About this item This kind of chemical dispenser is made of non-corrosive polypropylene material so you can enjoy your luxurious Spa experience with no worries. The chemical dispenser are in order to keep it clean and up to standard that you can enjoy your pool,spa or hot tub Used for dispensing Bromine and Chlorine in your swimming pool, jacuzzi hot tub or spa for a cleaner swimming and relaxing experience Remove the cap from the top of the pool dispenser to add your tablet and allow it to slowly release through the outlet at the bottom as it floats around the pool This size of this floating dispenser for pools is recommended for use in pools, spas and hot tubs that are up to 30m³ in size



Feature: 1.Unique design, no special exhaust device is required 2.No leakage design 3.Active external controller 4.Fully automatic low water level design: automatically reduce the water level when the pump stops working to avoid soaking the chlorine pellets and prolonging the service life of the chlorine pellets 5.No need to pass other equipment, disinfectant directly into the pool or bathtub Description Item type: Tablet Auto-Supplier Material: PP Color: As picture shown Type: 5inch Size:5inch: 135*120*45 mm/5.31*4.72*1.77 inch. Weight:100g. Dispensers with chlorine or bromine-based continuous dissolving tablets can make your existing pool or jacuzzi more simple and automatic. It is suitable for installation at the outlet end of the pump, the outlet end of the filter and the heater, and the control valve can be added according to the actual situation, so that the owner can adjust the dosage more conveniently. Package include 1 x Chemical Dispenser.


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