Pest Expert Formula B+ Advanced Rat & Mouse Killer Poison Bait Blocks 1.5kg (5 x 300g) – Maximum Strength Single Feed Brodifacoum


About this item ✅ NOT ALL RAT & MOUSE POISONS ARE THE SAME – Formula ‘B+’ Advanced is now up to 6 x STRONGER THAN ALL OTHER RODENTICIDES available on the UK market! ✅ THE FACTS: Formula ‘B+’ Advanced is 4 x STRONGER than other rat and mouse poisons containing Bromadiolone and 2 x STRONGER than those containing Difenacoum ✅ KILLS IN A SINGLE FEED – MAXIMUM LEGAL STRENGTH: All other rat & mouse poisons require multiple feeds. The Active Concentration in Formula ‘B+’ Advanced is Brodifacoum 0.0029% ✅ IRRESISTIBLE TO RATS & MICE – Made with a unique blend of food-grade ingredients, these Blocks are HIGHLY PALATABLE to rodents. In addition, the multi-faceted design encourages gnawing, ensuring RAPID UPTAKE OF POISON ✅ TOTALLY WEATHERPROOF – Formulated to withstand extreme weather conditions, making them ideal for outdoor baiting ✅ STRONGEST RAT POISON IN THE UK – Pest Expert’s active concentration of Brodifacoum is unique in the UK at 0.0029%. Every other brand of Brodifacoum-based poison on the market is just 0.0025%. This means Pest Expert Formula B+ is almost 20% stronger than every other brodifacoum poison on the market, without exception!



Pest Expert Formula ‘B+’ Advanced Rat & Mouse Poison Bait Blocks are a professional-strength rodenticide, containing the maximum legal concentration of Brodifacoum– a single-feed active with immediate results for fast and effective rodent control. The unique blend of food-grade ingredients creates a highly palatable formulation that is irresistible to rats and mice, while the multiple edges encourage gnawing, both factors helping to increase bait uptake. Specially formulated to withstand extreme weather conditions, including damp and humid environments and resistant to mechanical damage, these blocks are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Place 1-3 blocks per bait point, place bait points 10m apart, reducing to 5m apart in high infestations. Check every 5-7 days and replace bait as necessary. Pack Contents: 75 x 20g Blocks. Active Concentration – Brodifacoum at 0.0029%.


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