Mole Repellent – Solar Powered Mole Trap – Mole Remover for Moles, Voles, Snakes, Gophers, Bats, and Other Burrowing Rodent Animals (Pack of 2)


  • New method to repel mole: This gopher repellent emits ultrasound waves to chase the annoying animals away. The burrowing rodents will be scared and run away instantly, stay away from your house and garden. Use several mole repellent ultrasonic outdoor for better protection.
  • Simple installation: With a convenient appearance, snake repellent is totally easy to use. The vole trap instruction is concise so there are not many steps to start the animal repellent.
  • Safe and eco-friendly: The snake deterrent does not use any chemicals or poisons to attract and kill animals. So that the gopher repellent is definitely harmless for people and friendly with the living environment. New technology of this mole trap brings more extreme efficiency and especially no harm to people and pets.
  • Water-proof and durable: Constructed with high-quality ABS plastic, the mole trap is designed for pest repellent ultrasonic outdoor in patio, lawn, and garden. Especially, the animal repellent for garden is designed in a close system. It means that the mole trap is totally waterproof and can work remarkably in every weather condition.
  • Satisfaction customer service: We have a target at providing the best satisfying experience to our customers. If you are unhappy with the mole sonic repellent, please contact us. We stay here to give you the best solution for mole chasers.


We are here to help you to get rid of the scare from rodents and mole animals.

The ultrasonic gopher repellent generates the sonic buzzer vibration transmitted through the soil to drive burrowing animals away such as mice, moles, gophers, snakes, scorpions, pests, and so on.


– Solar battery: 2V 20mA

– Battery type: 1.2V H80 100mA Ni-Mh

– Frequency: 400+/-1000Hz

– Material: ABS Plastic

– Working area: 640 m2


1. Press the ON/OFF Button to start it (small black press).

2. Create a hole in the soil.

3. Plant the mole trap into the hole let it be straight.

Note for user:

1. Wet clay will make a better sound transmission. It is not recommended to place the device in a dry, sandy, or peat place.

2. Do not cover the device.

3. Insert the snake trap in the source of the hole to have better results.


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